Unable to access modem in bridge mode

Hi Guys, I'm new here and have a networking / routing issue that I'm unable to solve.

I'm using a vlan setup vlan10, vlan20, vlan30 and vlan40 (vlan30 and vlan40) are not really used.
vlan10: gateway wan
vlan20: gateway vpn

I've some routing and firewall rules setup so vlan10 can access vlan20 and vice versa. This all works as expected.

The problem I'm facing is that my modem, which is in bridge mode, and has an ip address of, I'm unable to connect to it. If i try this from vlan10 it routes it over the internet gateway and if i try this from the vlan20 it gets routed over the vpn. So I'm thinking i need to set up some static route to connect to it. But so far I've been unsuccessful. Does any of you have an idea what needs to be done?

Just to clarify, the modem is an external device from my ISP and not where I'm running openwrt on.

Please bare in mind, i can only experiment with this in the evening so my response might be a bit slow.

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That works, thanks you

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