Unable to access luci or ssh after a few days

I'm having a strange issue with my lede installed on wrt3200acm. Every few days I am unable to log in via ssh. It will say incorrect password and when I try to log into luci via web admin interface I get the error "the url request not found on this server." but when I reboot the router I am able to log in via ssh and I'm able to access luci web admin. When I get the errors the router works fine, I'm just unable to log into it Can anyone help me with this?

When you can login via SSH, run firstboot, and then reboot.

Reconfigure your router.

Or, reflash and reconfigure.

If the problems persist afterwards, I'd recommend configuring a cronjob to run to cat and tail the system log to a USB drive.

  • logread > /mnt/sda1/sys.log && logread -f >> /mnt/sda1/sys.log