Unable to access Luci interface on the OpenWrt Docker Container

I tried to install and exectue the OpenWRT openwrt/rootfs:x86_64 image on a Docker Container running on a remote VPS but I am unable to access Luci Interface from outside of the VPS instance.

The VPS instance is an Ubuntu machine 22.04LT running on a remote vultr VPS and the firewall of the VPS is turned off.

I can get access to the OpenWRT command interface and run CLI commands there I have installed Luci inside the OpenWRT container but I can not access from outside (I mean both VPS host and Remote Machine) to the Luci interface.

I have done following steps on VPS machine (ubuntu 22.04 LTS)

#ufw disable 
#docker run  -it --name=openwrt -p 80:18888 openwrtorg/rootfs:x86-64

After executing the above command I get logged into the running OpenWRT container and
I have entered following commands (following is inside OpenWRT)

root@2183678412#opkg update;opkg install luci

4+0 records out
Configuring luci-light.
Configuring luci.

When I try get into the Luci interface on my PC by entering the http://public-ip-address:18888/
and on the VPS instance I have tried following command and
I get the connection was rest on my machine.

By the way the docker intsance(s) on the VPS do have following
Ip subnet
IPv4 address for docker0:

For more diagnostics I have attached some of the commands that I executed on the VPS host

root@vultr:~# docker container ls
CONTAINER ID   IMAGE              COMMAND                  CREATED          STATUS             PORTS                                                                                          NAMES
29554ec1bc80   openwrt/rootfs     "/sbin/init"             52 minutes ago   Up 52 minutes      22/tcp, 80/tcp, 443/tcp,>18888/tcp, :::80->18888/tcp                               distracted_mcnulty

root@vultr:~# curl
curl: (7) Failed to connect to port 18888 after 0 ms: Connection refused

root@vultr:~# curl
curl: (7) Failed to connect to port 18888 after 0 ms: Connection refused

root@vultr:~# curl localhost:18888
curl: (7) Failed to connect to localhost port 18888 after 0 ms: Connection refused

I want to know how can I access to the Luci Interface of the OpenWRT running on a Docker Container on a VPS from a remote machine.
Shall I do any extra port mapping or URL fixing on the OpenWRT or Docker or VPS host?
as a second objective I want to have the LuCi https interface being availabe for the remote users
and the http interface deactivated, how can I acheive this requirement?