Unable to access downloads.openwrt.org/releases(504 Gateway Time-out) (502 Bad Gateway)

cannot access


First thought that it works ok for me.
The front page, but pages below that give bad gateway errors

what's the solution

There is a problem that downloads.openwrt.org cannot be accessed

Update Down no working access

《 504 Gateway Time-out》

what's up with openwrt?

Could be under attack or backend server is not responsive. Frontend is responding and presenting SSL cert.


Solved access working


openwrt is always at heart

Today its not working lol clean my router then cant opkg update

downloads.openwrt.org is down

Our server in USA can not access your website, it is probably broken...

downloads.openwrt.org server can be overloaded, down or unreachable because of a network problem, outage or a website maintenance is in progress...You may check the site status later

yeah same here - kinda wish I'd grabbed what I needed last week now :frowning:

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they are having some issues with mirror 2... try mirror 1 nice and quick... ;


ooh thanks, didn't realise you could do that

you just saved me from a whole niteshift of boredom

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