Unable to Access Admin Page TP-Link AC2600


I just flashed the newest version of LEDE for the TP-Link AC2600. First time flash from stock. I was originally able to access the admin page, change password and set up wifi. I tried setting up the lan and wan. I chose DHCP Cliet as the protocol, but that isn't what I want. I want this router to connect to my fibe modem and serve as the DHCP server for my home network, so I don't have to use my ISP Providers crappy wifi router. I think I either need to set up the TP-Link as static IP or PPPoE. Unfortunately, I can't log into the admin page anymore. It times out. Wifi doesn't work, I can connect, but no internet, but if I plug directly into the router, I can get an IP and internet service. My ISP Router is on subnet I set my AC2600 to Originally, when it was set to static IP, I was getting an IP on the 192.168.2.x subnet, but no internet access (wired or wireless). After I changed to DHCP Client, I can connect to wifi, but no internet access and when I connect via LAN, I do get internet access, but I'm getting an IP in the 192.168.1.x subnet. I also can't log into the admin page because I'm not on the correct subnet. I tried setting a static IP, but that didn't work. I set my workstation to with gateway of If I unplug the wan connection, I do not get a valid IP. Is there anyway I can reset the router or get to the admin page now? Any help would be appreciated, I really like the router.



If the AC2600 is configured as DHCP client, then it is in whatever network the DHCP server tells it to be. Just plug both your computer and the AC2600 to the router, so both acquire an IP address; then check the router configuration pages to see what IP address was assigned to the AC2600, and try to connect to it from the computer.

However, your AC2600 should have two interfaces, one (LAN) was configured as DHCP server, and the other one (WAN) was configured as DHCP client. Did you change the LAN interface? Both of them? Remember that you will probably be able to reach the config pages only from the LAN interface.

I changed both interfaces to DHCP Client. I will check later about the ip address that got assigned to the router. I didn't think about that. What protocol should I use so that I can use the AC2600 as a router that gets it's internet address from the LAN? Static IP or PPPoE? I want the AC2600 to just get an IP from my modem and act as the DHCP server for my home devices. Thanks for the help.

I am using TWC and I have to reboot my modem to connect to a new router, otherwise I won't get connection. Not sure if your ISP doing the same thing.

For the interface, just leave it as DHCP client.