Unable access Ethernet and wireless comfast CF-E5 lte

How to access admin web browser page for this trouble.Wireless can't show on PC search and Ethernet can't access because Ethernet 100M not Blinking.

What image did you flash?

How did you flash it?

no flash Ethernet on PC and comfast ltd . This is always power on LED.

If your router is running "OEM" firmware that came with the unit or was supplied by Comfast or your ISP, then you should ask their support resources.

If you have flashed an image from downloads.openwrt.org, then knowing exactly which image you flashed and how you flashed it will help people here work with you to get your router running.

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reset it to default pushing the button

i'm not sure it is either OEM or not but try on pushing reset button, It no give any response. Anyway, try to ask seller of comfast for support it

make sure that: if you plug the ethernet cable poe into the wan port of the comfast, you should plug the other ethernet cable from the lan port of the comfast to the pc. if you plug the poe ethernet cable to the lan port of the comfast , you need plug the other ethernet cable from the lan port of the poe adapter to the pc

Mean that i need follow this way for solve it?/n

yes ,try the second example

Alright, i need buy one poe adapter for test result. Thank you

no, i'm talking about the poe adapter included with the cf-e5. you don't need buy it

10/100 mbps Ethernet on PC, it not flashing and LED no Power On

the comfast cf-e5 by default don't have two lan port. one is lan one is wan. after you logged in you can make all ports lan. mabie the device is soft bricked? try to reset it a few time
also try set a static ip to your pc the ip address of the comfast is

Event i push Reset Button, CF-E5 LTE also no power off on LED display. Last screen i saw on web browser it was two LAN. Like this situation, should be soft bricked?

you need hold the reset button for 10 15 seconds

I think need it was soft bricked. Need find out and buy usb to TTL for recovery It.