Umdns fails to load - Failed to parse message data

I have read a few older threads on issues with this package. However, I can't seem to come up to speed very fast on where this particular issue I am having.

Openwrt version snapshot: r19162-9f9477b275

The only things I have changed are setting the broadcast address and lan interface.

root@E8-9F-80-EC-D5-C0:~# service umdns trace
Failed to parse message data

Thanks for any insight that might get me going in a good direction with this.

I see the same error, and I think it's related to the entries in /etc/config/umdns. These entries are case sensitive, and that was tripping me up. You can test yours using ifstatus.

You'll get "interface not found" if you've got the wrong case. If you get a json string, then you know you have the right case and that's what you need to use in /etc/config/umdns.


you are a genius!

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