UK-available router with decent VPN performance below £50?

By the looks of it, sadly Barracuda products are not really available here in the UK.

It seems Cyberoam is much more common here. I see a few listings on eBay, is there much difference between the CR 10(w)iNG, CR 15(w)iNG, and the CR 25(w)iNG?

Oh, the auction wasn't from an UK seller ?
My mistake then.

The number of ports differ between CRs.

I think they're all relabled Lanner devices, you should be able to find the specs there.

Google the SCB model no shown on the label, in the case of the one I linked to, it's SCB-6979, as the auction photo shows.

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Thanks, I found the spec sheets. It seems that there isn't much between them other than the ports like you say and some small differences in throughputs.

Stay away from the CR10, it won't NAT at 1gbit.

Let us know which one you get and the throughput you achieve. I'd be interested!

The CR25s throughput is well documented, in the threads I linked to previously.

It won't even sweat while routing at 1gbit.

I had a look but couldn't find anything related to SQM performance.


No, just plain gbit NAT.

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The seller responded and confirmed it was a CR15iNG as you noticed in the photos (And relisted it).

Now I know this probably isn't anything particularly good by the standards of the people around here, but would it be possible to use a Tenda Nova MW6 ( as a WiFi access point on the CR15iNG? I only ask as I already have one lying around. I'd prefer to re-use things I already own than buy something new. I'm aware it probably wouldn't have great performance, but I'm not overly concerned by WiFi performance (I can always upgrade in the future assuming it physically works initially)

Also, I'd like to thank you so much for your help, you've been incredibly helpful.

sure, but in a worst case scanrio, you'll end up double NATing, depending on what configuration options the Tenda offers for the uplink..

you could offer 25£ for :wink:
or slightly more for

Great, I'll buy one of the Cyberoams (Submitted a couple of offers) and see how it goes (I'll check my drawer of DC adapters for a suitable supply). For the sake of £25 it's worth a shot even if I drastically fail at setting it up - keeps me busy for a couple of hours :joy:

They're really simple to install, your biggest issue will be the inconsequential assignment of Ethernet ports, based on order of discovery during boot, not MAC.

Enjoy your new toy.

Thank you again for all of your help :slight_smile:

I managed to bag the CR25wiNG that you posted for £30! :slight_smile: Great find!
Seems worth the extra £5 for extra power and the option of WiFi (if I ever get round to buying some antennas)


In that case it would be easier, like my NanoPi R4S can do at least 200Mbps with OpenVPN and also route gigabit normal traffic, you just need to add WiFi AP, but still the whole setup is unlikely to be within your budget.

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