UK-available router with decent VPN performance below £50?

I use NordVPN. By the looks of it, they only support wireguard via a thing they call NordLynx, but I'm not convinced you can use it with anything other than via their own apps. So I may be stuck with OpenVPN for now until I switch VPN providers.

nah, it's doable

Ah ok. Some of the comments in that search say that they don't officially support it from routers, but it seems to be possible technically. I'd probably go with getting it working with OpenVPN first (for ease) and then switch over to WireGuard once I have everything initially set up.

Is the slowness of VPN connections on anything other than x86 a limitation of OpenVPN specifically or does it also affect WireGuard?

vpn is just cpu intensive, it affects all platforms, but openvpn requires more CPU power than wireguard in general.

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Thanks for the help.

I've messaged the seller of that item you suggested. Are there any other devices you recommend I look at in case I don't end up getting that one? (Also, a little additional question, what exactly are those types of device called? Are they just commercial routers?)

there's a ton of suggestions in Tips for getting cheap used x86-based firewall with full Gbit NAT (a PC Engines APU) if you are in the US, start reading the thread from the bottom.

Router, firewall, VPN device ... it's a x86, it could be used in several ways.

Do some research on the Barracuda F18, it's even cheaper than the Cyberoam, and the Atom CPU will probably perform better.
Sold as "For parts or not working", and I can't ready the item description at work, it's blocked by
the corp firewall.

Do this unit do gigabit sqm QoS?

Perhaps, at least to some extent, question is if it's worth doing on a gigabit connection.

I'm on 1/1, can't see any reason for even considering setting it up.

Could you elaborate please?

I don't see any issues in need of fixing, not saying they aren't there, just not annoying/visible enough to do something about them ,)

Ah so the usual issues of connection contention and the need to prioritise traffic disappear with 1/1?

I've been thinking about future hardware. My current device, er x can route 1gbps (a patch to allow this was submitted to the snapshot build a few months ago) but can't do it with SQM enabled. If SQM isn't required then happy days. Don't need to buy anything new :slightly_smiling_face:

I'm happy with the way things work, if you'd be, I can't tell, but I see no reason for spending time on a problem I can't actually see..

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By the looks of it, sadly Barracuda products are not really available here in the UK.

It seems Cyberoam is much more common here. I see a few listings on eBay, is there much difference between the CR 10(w)iNG, CR 15(w)iNG, and the CR 25(w)iNG?

Oh, the auction wasn't from an UK seller ?
My mistake then.

The number of ports differ between CRs.

I think they're all relabled Lanner devices, you should be able to find the specs there.

Google the SCB model no shown on the label, in the case of the one I linked to, it's SCB-6979, as the auction photo shows.

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Thanks, I found the spec sheets. It seems that there isn't much between them other than the ports like you say and some small differences in throughputs.

Stay away from the CR10, it won't NAT at 1gbit.

Let us know which one you get and the throughput you achieve. I'd be interested!

The CR25s throughput is well documented, in the threads I linked to previously.

It won't even sweat while routing at 1gbit.

I had a look but couldn't find anything related to SQM performance.


No, just plain gbit NAT.

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