uHTTPd webserver bad documentation?

From this page:

I read the documentation carefully and did exactly what was indicated.
at the end I have:
One could use the default installation for publishing files. A quick example is to disable the redirect to luci scripts.
mv /www/index.html /www/index.html.orig
Why when I then look at the page I never have a page that lists the files contained in the "www" directory ?

browser caches are agressive these days to confirm...

-you restarted uhttpd and rm /tmp/luci* (probably not needed)
-you flushed browser cache


OK , many thanks

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        # Do not produce directory listings but send 403
        # instead if a client requests an url pointing to
        # a directory without any index file.
#       option no_dirlists      0
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In addition to what @frollic and @anon50098793 said, I'd recommend you start another uhttpd instance to serve your content, possibly moving admin instance to a port other than 80.

One of the advantages of that, is that you can then use another processor/language than lua as well, but also you can keep the admin interface unmolested.