Uhttpd-mod-tls alternative?

Just noticed uhttpd-mod-tls has been dropped. Does anyone know of a lightweight alternative (that doesn't require me building it myself)? Something that does what stunnel does, but not using openssl?

If not, is there any chance we can get a version of libcurl built against openssl, so I don't need to keep libmbedtls installed?

There is no need to replace uhttpd-mod-tls with anything.

uhttpd-mod-tls was an empty package, a leftover from ancient times. It had no functionality and offered no features. It just added a dependency for libustream-... package.

All the functionality has actually been in the basic uhttpd since year 2013.

You simply need one libustream- variant in your build, (just as you did with uhttpd-mod-tls).

You can compile that by yourself already now. Curl has a build config option where you can select which SSL library it uses. But it has not been packages as a "variant", so it is not built automatically by the buildbot.

(I am currently building an OpenSSL-only build myself, as I have also replaced px5g with openssl-util, as LEDE's uhttpd knows how to generate SSL keys with openssl cmd tools. So there is only libopenssl in my build.)

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Oh, right. It's just my misunderstanding then? Awesome.

Thank you.