Ugrade WRT3200ACM to 22.03.0

I used 21.02.03 and upgrade to 22.03.0 on a linksys wrt320.
the old ipadress was after update it was
openwrt refused connection via ssh and also via the luci interface i receive connection refused. can someone help me?

You have a dual partition/boot device. Chances are that your device has booted to the alternate partition. Look up threads about the linksys dual boot systems and you’ll see the sequence of reboot timing that should get you back to your expected firmware partition.

I am back,i can see via luci that 22.03 is loaded but i can not load firmware 21.02.3 because a timeout (only 20%loaded). Then I tried via ssh even after free max ram i get the message no space left.I have 7396 free