Ugps - no GPS quality parameters

ugps does not provide information about GPS signal quality. This is very impractical because the user cannot know what accuracy he can count on. The basic quality parameters are the number of visible satellites and the HDOP (Dilution of precision). Both can be found in the $GPGGA report, which is already being processed.

This PR adds support for both of these. Please include it in all affected development branches.

another option could be gpsd

gpsd is a big project with a lot of dependencies. ugps with small improvement is better way how to have a knowledge about the signal and position quality.

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aah, I've seen it in the build system and on the onion omega forums ( ogps? ) but never used it ( I like the socket interface of gpsd, might move to ugps at some point as it has easy ubus :stuck_out_tongue: )

You might be able to add the signal parameters to ugps' parsers :

the gga parser looks like it only exacts the altitude : and the "gps_fields " has a few bits "open" to add more parameters.

It is done in my PR :slight_smile:

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wow ! obviously i didn't read the whole message.. Nicely done !

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