UFB setting for Xiaomi AX3000T Router

My brand new Xiaomi AX3000T router ex AliExpress is not compatible with my New Zealand ISP, 2 Degrees.
The problem is the ISP does not allow VLAN ID - 10 to close.
Is there a work-round or should I return the router to China?

please post output of

ubus call system board

Brada4 I really appreciate your help but I don't have the understanding to answer your question

Are you using openwrt?

I dont really understand what openwrt is. I was looking for guidance

Please clarify -- were you asking here to learn about OpenWrt? Or are you asking how to fix an issue with the current firmware on the router (or for advice about if you should return it)?

Based on the fact that this doesn't appear to be related to OpenWrt, I am closing this thread.

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