UEFI x86_64 snapshot images corrupt?

Hello,on this page, it is indicated that there are EFI compatible images that one can download from the x86_64 snapshots page here.
Now my expectation was that much like the non-EFI images, you would download them, uncompress them, and then use your favourite method of getting the disk image onto your particular storage device, possibly resizing partitions and filesystems.
But when I decompress the generic combined-ext4 EFI image, i get errors, from multiple decrompression tools (gzip, 7zip and the default archive tool in Kali Linux, which I can't remember the name of) on multiple OSes.
The decompression tools complain about extra data after the payload.
If these snapshots are in fact not corrupt, could someone give me a hint as to what I am missing? Is the EFI system partition tagged onto the end somehow? Is there a special flag needed to correctly decompress? I used the standard gzip -d "compressed image name" command found in the Linux section of the x86_64 installation guide here.

And, to everyone involved in producing OpenWRT -- Thank you. The product the project has produced is quite impressive, given all the constraints of size and CPU types and constraints I don't even understand.

Meta-data is appended behind the gzipped tarball, which is consumed by OpenWrt's sysupgrade tool to check image checksums, device type, etc. As far as your decompressors are concerned, this is indeed garbage behind the image and should be complained about, but still ignored.


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