Udptunnel package

I am trying to tunnel udp traffic over a TCP tunnel. I have found a program called udptunnel that does just that. However, in Openwrt's repository I can only find the kmod package, but not the executable. Was this an oversight or am I missing something?

One, well-supported option would be to use GRE, which provides both L2 (bridged) and L3 (routed) tunnels. If you need encryption on the tunnel, Wireguard is a popular option, along with the "classic" OpenVPN. Tunneling over SSH is also possible, with port forwarding being a straightforward approach for certain use cases.

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I mostly want to use TCP for the guarantee packets will arrive at their destination. I am watching IPTV via UDP multicast streams, and while the bitrate is far lower than my WiFi's speed, packet loss sometimes results in corruption and/or stuttering. The extra delay from resends via TCP doesn't really matter, but the packet loss obviously does.

AFAIK, none of the mentioned tunnels offer resending packets that did not arrive at their destination :frowning:

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I have exact same need, did you find a solution ?

If you are sending TCP thru a UDP tunnel for example, TCP itself will handle that by its nature.

Can you better describe the problem, I don't see it.

You both do realize - that TCP error corrects itself, and UDP doesn't do such, right?

Exactly, which is why I want to tunnel UDP over a TCP connection, which is exactly what udptunnel does, see: https://manpages.ubuntu.com/manpages/artful/en/man1/udptunnel.1.html

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OpenVPN does this.

That would be an option, but it would be a pretty heavyweight solution for something relatively simple that I want to do. Udptunnel is tiny in comparison. I might have to fall back on OpenVPN, but if someone were to know how to get udptunnel to work on OpenWRT, that would be the preferred solution for me personally.

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