Udpspeeder with call of duty is it possible with openwrt?

hello ,

can i use udpspeeder or tinyfecvpn with call of duty that uses port 3074 and if yes how to use it ?

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this program optimize openvpn that uses protocol udp

whoever want to use it you must have 2 openwrt device one for server or vps and the other for client

the server openwrt or vps must do the following
first setup openvpn server from following link https://openwrt.org/docs/guide-user/services/vpn/openvpn/server
once you have client.ovpn copy that to another openwrt (client)
and then make sure the tun0 (openvpn device) is putted at zone_lan_firewall
and all firewall policies is (accept)

and run udpspeeder from terminal:
udpspeeder -s -l0.0.0.0:1195 -r

1194 is openvpn port
1195 is udpspeeder port that client going to use to connect

now the client openwrt

install openvpn and ssl openvpn package

udpspeeder -c -r(openwrt or vps server wan ip public ip) -l0.0.0.0:1196

make sure all firewall policies set to ( accept)


get openvpn file ( client.ovpn) from server and edit the file - the remote from public ip of openwrt server to

and finally

make sure udpspeeder is connected after that

ip route  add via
ip route  add via