UDP broadcast port forwarding for HDHomeRun

I'm setting up an HDHomeRun network-enabled TV tuner. I plan to put it on my IoT network, with a firewall between it and the home LAN on which I will have some clients.

The clients find servers by broadcasting on UDP port 65001. They expect the server to respond by unicast UDP.
I've seen some descriptions of how to do a forwarding service using socat, such as at this link:
The suggestion there is to run this socat command, when the HDHomeRun device is at IP address on the IOT network:

/usr/sbin/socat -d -d -v udp4-recvfrom:65001,broadcast,fork udp4-sendto:

Is there some equivalent I could do with an OpenWrt firewall rule, in the port forwarding configs? Perhaps with some firewall rules as well to allow the broadcast discovery and the unicast reply between the LAN and IOT firewall zones?

I found some hints on a stackexchange question: https://unix.stackexchange.com/questions/725567/forward-udp-broadcast-packet-with-nftables
and with that, I was able to create a custom nftable script. It won't work as a .nft file in /etc/nftables.d because it needs to be a netdev table rule instead of an ipv4/ipv6 rule, and the .nft files are included inside an internet table.
But it does work as a type nftables rule.

This table requires the kmod-nft-netdev package to be installed. Without that module, the nft command gives an error like this:

 Error: Could not process rule: No such file or directory
        pkttype broadcast ether type ip udp dport 65001 counter fwd to br-iot

Here's what I have in /etc/config/firewall:

config include 'hdhomerun'
	option enabled '1'
	option type 'nftables'
	option path '/etc/nftables.d/hdhomerun.fw4'
	option position 'ruleset-post'

and here's the script itself, which reflects broadcasts input on either br-lan or br-iot to the other:

table netdev hdhomerun_broadcast
delete table netdev hdhomerun_broadcast

table netdev hdhomerun_broadcast {
    chain hdhomerun_lan { type filter hook ingress device br-lan priority 0;
        pkttype broadcast ether type ip udp dport 65001 counter fwd to br-iot
    chain hdhomerun_iot { type filter hook ingress device br-iot priority 0;
        pkttype broadcast ether type ip udp dport 65001 counter fwd to br-lan

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