Udhpc process stop

Hi, how do I stop udhpc process without init restarting it?

Why? This is needed so the WAN interface gets an IP address from your ISP. If you disable this you effectively kill your Internet connection.

I want to temporary assign static ip via ifconfig, not uci

Again, why? On OpenWrt, network interfaces are managed by netifd, so you need to configure this via uci. It's basically OpenWrt's version of NetworkManager or systemd-networkd used on the "big Linux distros" like Debian or Fedora.

If for some reason you don't want to use netifd, I think you'd be better off using some other Linux distribution.

As a side note, iproute2 is the recommended replacement for ifconfig. OpenWrt supports iproute2 commands.

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I am testing a scenario and want to set ip temporary on the wan interface, and want it to revert back to dhcp after reboot. If I use uci it will not revert to dhcp after reboot

overwrite the /etc/config/network file, with the old one, but don't restart the network service ?

could you explain the steps in a bit more detail?

  • take the backup
  • make your changes, see them applied and working
  • copy back the previously backed up file
  • down the road, reboot


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