Udev versus libudev-fbsd - educate me


I have several legacy (non-standard openwrt) linux packages dependent upon udev conflicting with python3-homeassistant (another new package) requiring libudev-fbsd. The conflict is between udev and libudev-fbsd which are config'd as conflicting.

It appears I must get rid of udev in favor of libudev-fbsd, but my ignorance is an impediment.

Any good web references contrasting:

  1. why udev had to go - procd incompatible
  2. udev versus libudev-fbsd functionality
  3. porting guides: udev to libudev-fbsd


udev is either dependent on systemd or glibc. Both are an issue.

libudev-fbsd is a random shim that probably shouldn't be used: https://github.com/jiixyj/libudev-fbsd/issues/2#issuecomment-346261344

It's also based on an old version of udev.

Thanks nehab.

I am using glibc and not systemd already. So, I will determine how to work around replacing libudev-fbsd with udev for python3-homeassistant. For now, I disabled HA dependency checking and, it compiles at least

The long term solution to the problem is to create an OpenWrt version of libudev that integrates properly with price, according to @dangowrt .