Uci set firewall.@zone[1].masq6="1"

When I read the NAT66 article, I found a problem.When introducing the firewall configuration, there appears a new noun masq6, when I look for the configuration parameter, the firewall startup log prompts do not know.
I read the firewall3 source code and didn't find any live processing of masq6.
Does openwrt19.08 support masq6 in firewall?

No, you need to upgrade to the current stable release to get fw4.

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i would say, it's very strange for a less-than-five-years-recent software to put off saying "2yrs of support not more, waste it".. uh no.

i do have the same with recent router running recent openwrt 19 :

Warning: Unable to locate ipset utility, disabling ipset support
Warning: Option @zone[1].masq6 is unknown
Warning: Section @zone[1] (wan) cannot resolve device of network 'wan'
Warning: Section @zone[1] (wan) cannot resolve device of network 'wan6'
Warning: Option @zone[2].masq6 is unknown

really hope that bug will be soon corrected for 19+ releases, cutting edge is over discriming for sure

@trendy didn't say it was dead, he said you should upgrade

and 19.07 is 4+ years old.

not happening, unless you do it yourself.

but I'm sure you can find someone to maintain the release for you, for a fee.

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