UCI log (or equivalent script)

is there anyway to get detail log of what UCI is doing with all the config file ?

ie want to create an equivalent shell script doing whatever UCI is doing

Have you tried renaming /sbin/uci to /sbin/uci-orig and creating a shell script at /sbin/uci which would log the call and pass parameters to /sbin/uci-orig?

This request for info corresponds "by chance" with a new commercial project on upwork ...

thats not exactly what i am looking for...

openwrt use uci to configure the system in /etc/config/xxxxx

it launches a lot of program, such as wpa_supplicant, hostapd, and netifd and many others

i want to create a list of command


hostapd xxxx

ifconfig ...


instead of uci system

(ie intended to be used outside of openwrt)

By "it", do you mean uci?

i am re-writing the job posting

bottom line, i have a working openwrt config, uci and various /etc/init.d is launching bunch of programs

i want to convert that to a equivalent shell script to be run on a non-openwrt system

based on a few questions (including your response), i realize my explnation was not very clear, very one is misunderstanindg my intent


I sincerely hope you at least mean a Linux system with a reasonably recent kernel, not Windows. As far as technical job descriptions go, it's very close to the bottom of the barrel. Either way, God speed in your endeavour.

Copy the generated configs from /var/etc/ or the effective command lines to the target system. Most network related settings are handled by the OpenWrt specific netifd daemon and other userland components.

Keep in mind that many components are patched so not all settings will work as-is on another distribution

there is not much there, just a few conf files...

for example, i want to find out what steps the network bridge is set up, dhcp relay is setup, etc
but there is no log that i can find

is there any switch to turn on netifd ? to see what it is doing ?

Since netifd is a C daemon directly talking netlink to the kernel, similar to NetworkManager on Desktop Linux distributions, you won't be able to get "ifconfig/route" or "ip addr/ip link/ip route" command equivalents out of it.