Uci-defaults not being copied

I have some custom files in the files directory of buildroot which are all being copied over except for uci-defaults. I checked /rom/etc/uci-defaults and none of my files are there, so does that mean they are not making it into the image? They all used to work fine in previous builds. Has anything changed here recently? Trying a make dirclean right now, I'll update if that fixes it.
Update: that did not work

They are all just normal executable shell scripts named 99_config_setting

Nothing changed wrt. uci-defaults files.

As you might guess everything in /rom is read-only; if it's empty after boot that means it's empty in the original firmware image as well.

You might enable and check the verbose build log in order to see more clearly what happens there.

Pure guess, but could there be something in the directory or file permissions that prevent successful copying of those files into the final image?

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