UCI commit error

Hi Iam using openwrt based router
Once after comfiguring few options in router iam giving Uci commit
But iam getting Error message as
uci :I/O error for more than 25 messages
Also for uci commit network ,the same error

Done reboot and tried commiting again still the same issue

What device and openwrt version ?

Teltonika router and version RUT9XX_R_00.06.09.5_WEBUI.bin

That's not proper openwrt, you'll have to ask Teltonika, or install "real" openwrt, if it's one of the supported ones.


As @frollic says, it is not official OpenWrt. Most likely it is modified in numerous ways that no one here will know about.
However if you have edited the config files with a Windows text editor, uci will report io errors as Windows replaces newlines with cr/lf thus corrupting the file.
Note also if editing config files with an editor, you do not have to commit.