UBUS. Status method parameters


I'd would like to know where the scripts used by ubus call status are located. Is there any way to change the values of the shown parameters?

In my case, for example, I want to set true value in "up" variable.

Thank you!

This are status values if execute ifup <interface-name> then if everything works the status if up should change from flase -> true

Thank you but, I would like to have it configured automatically using /etc/config/network file, for example.

in the ubus binary

this is what happens already depending on specific options you've set.....

explain clearly what you need to do and why... what you want to do is unclear... if not misguided.

where is it located?

The only thing I want is having these 3 interfaces up automatically without needed to typing anything.

which leads to the question: why are they down in the first place...?

the picture in your original post show batman-adv and "radioap" interfaces down... with available/pending false on radioap... if i were you... i'd be asking why available is false on radioap...

in other words.... your issue is a "config" issue not a "status" issue... unless you can demonstrate otherwise....

best to continue here...

and in future... try not to create multiple threads on a single issue.... your wasting peoples time.


Exactly. But my goal was to understand where ubus calll <> status gets the information from.

For this reason, I created a new thread. Anyway, the best is to continue in the other post. Sorry. I am new in the forum and I am hurry to solve this problem...

Thank you for your help and I hope you will keep helping me :slight_smile:

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