Ubus questions


I'm currently in the process of creating an android app for remote controlling certain features of my router features via ubus. Since i found the documentation about this feature to be less than complete I still have a few questions:

  • For my purposes I seem to need the UCI namespace, since the other namespaces don't seem to provide access to the setting I need to change. ("serversfile" in dhcp config). The documentation only shows that ACLs can limit access to whole namespaces and procedures. Does that mean, that since I use the uci namespace, and everything that I do is either the get or set procedure, that I don't have any possibilities to limit the access to certain parts of the configuration? Aka do I have to go with the "security is for suckers" ACL config?

  • On the device itself it is possible to do a "uci commit" to commit every changed config. Is there a way to do the same via ubus/http? As far as I can tell now, I always have to provide a config parameter, otherwise the ubus call will fail. As an example:

curl -kd '{ "jsonrpc":"2.0", "id":1, "method":"call", "params":[ "6e7e5f44a7c12b0cfd820f5d5a89608d", "uci", "commit", { "config":"dhcp" } ] }'  https://openwrt.lan/ubus

Thanks for help!