Ubus call get_clients (without WLAN on RPi4)

Hi there,

ubus call hostapd.wlan0 get_clients

im looking for a ubus command or possibility to get a list of all connected and online devices in my network. wlan is not enabled on my pi4.

is there a way with ubus?

Thank you


its empty ? i tried this command already :frowning:

 ubus call dhcp ipv4leases
        "device": {


Replace dnsmasq with odhcpd to access IPv4 leases, or rely on IPv6.

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ok thank you. i dont know where to change this in luci. im a bit afraid of changing stuff.

opkg update
opkg remove odhcpd-ipv6only
opkg install odhcpd
uci set dhcp.odhcpd.maindhcp="1"
uci commit dhcp
/etc/init.d/dnsmasq restart
/etc/init.d/odhcpd restart

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