Ubox logread calls syslog() problem


I think there is a small problem with logread in ubox. It appears that under certain circumstances logread calls syslog(). Since logread is essentially handling syslog calls, it is logging to itself. While recently debugging a network issue, I was frustrated that the logread buffer as it would quickly fill up with messages related to logread. In my system, I have remote logging enabled. The network issue I was trying to resolve was causing log_notify() to receive a destination unreachable error when sending a message to the remote syslog server. As a result of this error, logread was making calls to syslog(). This in turn would result in calls to log_notify() which would fail with destination unreachable errors and the cycle would repeat again.

Perhaps logread should not be making calls to syslog(). I realize the calls are there to help with diagnosing problems with remote syslog configuration but it has unintended consequences.