UBNT Nanostation m2 XM voucher system

Hi to all! I am new to openwrt. I've read that the nanostation m2 xm is compatible with it, albeit with some limitations. I want to have a voucher wifi system so each of our customers needs to request one every day to be able to connect. Is this something that I am going to be able to achieve with openwrt on the nanostation? How difficult it is to go back to stock eventually?
Thank you!!

OpenWrt does captive portals...so if your device can hold at least the packages needed for that (see the linked page for the warning about small flash space on your device) then yes.

See: https://openwrt.org/toh/ubiquiti/nanostationm2#recover_stock_firmware_flashed_with_airos_56_or_higher

:warning: There's quite a few warnings on your particular device's information page relevant to what you wish to accomplish. Read that information carefully.

Which voucher system are you using?

The XM version is limited by only having 32 MB of RAM, but will probably work depending on the size of the voucher client software.

It is very easy to return to stock with the TFTP mode in the bootloader.

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Thank you for the info, I gave a quick look and sure enough - I think it's close to impossible to fit on 4MB flash a voucher client on top of openwrt. Then I'm pretty much screwed..

Another possibility is to configure the captive portal on separate hardware like a pc and then use the nanostation as a conventional ap... But I am afraid it requires OSes like pfsense, which I never used. I had setup a captive portal w/ zeroshell but it reached EoL so I'm out of luck.

There is also another way, that is buying another ap (like the nanostation m2) featuring openwrt support (obviously), more flash memory and a relatively low price.

What are your thoughts? Thanks

It does have 8 MB flash.

2 GHz CPE (outdoor directional) aren't made much any more. The TP-Link CPE220 is similar to Nanostation with 8/64 memory.

You are right, my bad... I thought it was 4/32. So it should be doable. Can you suggest me a captive portal client with a voucher system to add on top of openwrt? Possibly easy to setup