UBNT AirOS system.cfg

I am told by UBNT support that AirOS is "based on" OpenWrt.

(1) Is this true? If so, what does "based on" mean exactly?

(2) AirOS uses a file called system.cfg to store passwords, user ID, IP address, Gateway IP, BSSID, WiFi channel, etc. This file seems to be machine generated but human-readable.

When used to specify a DHCP server the file contains ONLY the server fields accessible in the device GUI. There is no field to specify the DHCP server's IP address explicitly since the GUI assumes (implicitly) that the DHCP server's address is the device's IP address.

Does anyone have a complete reference for system.cfg commands? or, an explicit system.cfg command to specify an explicit DHCP server IP?

If this is the wrong place to bring this up, my apologies.

@tbbrightman, welcome to the community!

UBNT would have to explain that statement to you.

Not used in OpenWrt.

This is normal with all DHCP servers. A dynamically addressed machine doesn't have an IP until DHCP gives it to them. DHCP server uses the protocol to negotiate/reply; and the client identifies the IP via that method. Perhaps you meant something else like a DHCP-Relay, or perhaps you want to bind the server to only one IP on the device?

I'm confused, why are you asking these questions in an OpenWrt forum instead of UBNT?


No problem.

Thanks for giving me your time.

I'm coming to OpenWrt because the UBNT support (official) is very poor. The answers they supply to questions are either incorrect (as demonstrated by experiment) or they resort to the old 'Modifying system.cfg is not supported.

I appreciate your answers!