Ubiquity Edge Router X - Can't load new packages?

Sorry if this is redundant but I did search for this topic...

Just successfully loaded the latest 18.06.5 firmware on the router. Am trying to add more software but some packages won't load due to not being able to load required dependancies as well. I have done this both from the Luci-GUI and the CLI. Can't seem to find some sort of "flag" to be able to ge it to load the dependencies as well.

A little confused because I was able to build my own firmware and install on PC Engines APU2 with no issues what so ever.

Hopefully its something simple or a limitation.

Thanks in advance.

@rdsmith24, welcome to the community!

Did you build all packages?

No I used the official build from the Openwrt site.....I built my own APU2 image but was able to do whatever I wanted with it afterwards

Please show the command you're using (or GUI screenshot).

Could it be that the dependencies are kernel modules that no longer match the kernel you are running? The CLI output would help.

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Sorry all, seems that I'm a newbie at Openwrt....

  1. Didn't realize how long it would take to update package list on this router
  2. Forgot that after reboot I had to update packages each time.

When I went to make screen shots of my errors for submittal, I realized my mistakes.

Sorry for the confusion.

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