Ubiquiti UniFi AC Pro on OpenWrt connected on to ONT Huawei EchoLife HG8245H Orange Slovakia

Hi everyone,

i would like to request someone help me with correct setting OpenWrt.

My case is that i am connected to internet via ONT Huawei EchoLife HG8245H from Orange Slovakia, in this case is juste optical convertor with RJ45 output.

This ONT modem is in the bridge mode wihout other settings or informations, after my provider i need juste connect my Wifi router and that must be works, I dont know any correct settings from Orange Slovakia, I dont know which is channel of vlan.

What i did wrong in to OpenWrt that i cant connect to internet with my Ubiquiti UniFi AC Pro?

Ubiquiti UniFi is connected via metalic CAT6a cable to LAN4 port on ONT Huawei, that is must be from Orange Slovakia.

My settings of Ubiquiti UniFi:

WAN interface is in bridge vlan eth0.2, eth0.832, eth0.1074 with DHCP
WAN6 interface is in bridge vlan eth0.2, eth0.832, eth0.1074 with DHCPv6

LAN interface is in bridge vlan eth0.1, wlan0, wlan1 with static route and DHCP enabled

All setting for IPv6 is disabled, i would like to works IPv4 on first.

Wireless networks are in default settings juste enabled two interface 2,4GHz and 5GHz.

Firewall settings are also in default status for LAN and WAN interface.

With any devices connected to OpenWrt wifi i have well IP 192.168.1.x but i cant connect to internet.

I also tried unmanaged protocol for twice WANs interface with the same resulates.

Any recommendations please?

PS: My version of OpenWrt is 19.07.2.