Ubiquiti UniFi 6 LR v1 vs v2


I have a Ubiquiti UniFi 6 LR and installed OpenWrt (snapshot r18614-46ce629fe0). Now with 22.03.0 I have a choice between v1 and v2 images to upgrade. However, I do not know how to distinguish between the 2 versions. Could someone give me a pointer how to determine which version to choose? I hope I did not miss it somewhere obvious, but I could not find the information on how to do this.

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The patch adding v2 states that v2 does not have a RGB led bar like v1 did.
E.g. on reddit people talk about this change. But I do not find anything official from Ubiquiti.
Which leaves me at the same question: Which version do I flash on my Unifi 6 LR running 21.02.3.

# cat /tmp/sysinfo/model 
TP-Link EAP615-Wall v1

is your friend.

See above.

Thanks your reply @Borromini. Mine says:

# cat /tmp/sysinfo/model
Ubiquiti UniFi 6 LR

# cat /tmp/sysinfo/board_name

So I'm still not sure which version it is.

Going out on a hunch, you have the v1. I have checked the code to back this up, and indeed: the commit adding the v1 DTS and image recipe to the MT7622 Makefile have no v1 suffix. So yes, you are running the v1.

Commit 15a02471bb8 modified the v1 code to add the suffix, to differentiate it from the v2 that would be gaining support shortly after that.

As a rule of thumb, if you have no suffix in /tmp/sysinfo/*, it's safe to assume you have a v1.

Thanks again @Borromini. As it is absolutely plausible that v2 is new and devices working with 21.02 should work 22.03 v1. So I flashed and it works :partying_face:.
However I have only seen my device shining blue. So I still wonder if v2 would be better. But I'm to scared to brick it.
By the way there are four versions now: v1, v1 U-Boot mod, v2, v2 U-Boot mod.

Thanks @Borromin ! This is very insightful!
I was looking for ways to get more information from the running system, but was apparently looking in the wrong places. Is there a way to get to more details about the device, such as the board revision?
Why I'm asking is that from what I read the changes in the hardware are not reflected in any change of version, only a hardware revision increase (c.f., https://community.ui.com/questions/Missing-the-LED-Config-for-one-of-two-U6-LR-APs/4b874cb2-7f4f-464c-9f23-acbffa762dd9#answer/8ea3c08a-879b-4d5f-8b2d-a20fa324c404) which does not appear to be obvious to users. It appears there are several users missing the RGB functionality.

The other thing I'm not quite certain of is if the v1 and v2 builds only difference is in the LEDs. If this is the only difference, then it could be considered quite safe to flash the "wrong" version?
If I am not mistaken, the version I have running predates the 21.x releases as well as the split to v1 or v2, so a v1 should work without working LEDs. This is what I currently already have, the device works well as far as I can tell, but there are errors in the logs regarding the LEDs:

[   20.009332] ubnt-ledbar 0-0030: Error initializing LED transaction: 00
[   38.729322] ubnt-ledbar 0-0030: Error initializing LED transaction: 00
[   38.735895] leds blue: Setting an LED's brightness failed (-22)
[   57.449322] ubnt-ledbar 0-0030: Error initializing LED transaction: 00
[   57.455941] leds green: Setting an LED's brightness failed (-22)
[   76.169322] ubnt-ledbar 0-0030: Error initializing LED transaction: 00
[   76.175944] leds red: Setting an LED's brightness failed (-22)
[   76.181885] ubnt-ledbar: probe of 0-0030 failed with error -22

Would this then be an indication that this should be a v2? Is the only difference between the 2 versions the LEDs? Is it (relatively) safe to just try?


Can someone please help me, I am trying to upgrade from a snapshot version to 22.03, but I have no clue whether or not I should be using
Ubiquiti UniFi 6 LR v1
Ubiquiti UniFi 6 LR v1 U-Boot mod
Ubiquiti UniFi 6 LR v2
Ubiquiti UniFi 6 LR v2 U-Boot mod

These versions came out of nowhere in 22.03 and there are no instructions or notes at all on the official page: https://openwrt.org/toh/ubiquiti/unifi_6_lr that says anything about these U-Boot mod versions or what they are and what could brick the device. Why do the OpenWRT developers need to make things so incredibly cryptic and vague on these landing pages? For example, why can't there just be a section that says "run cat /some file/" to determine version and then install based on this table and include a table. This is so frustrating...

I am similarly clueless, but I was able to gather a few things.
The only difference between v1 and v2 appears to be the RGB vs simple LED, if I read the diffs in the dts/dtsi files correctly. The v1 is the continuation of the original and unversioned ubnt_unifi-6-lr used for the initial snapshots. So coming from snapshot it should be safe to upgrade to v1. If the LEDs are not working properly a change to v2 could be attempted to improve this.

@Borromini pointed to "/tmp/sysinfo/model" to get information on the device. Here I think that the problem is that the manufacturer does not version the 2 variants in any obvious manner; or at least this is a part of information still missing.

So far I have no idea what the purpose of the U-Boot mod versions is i.e., when to use them. They seem identical, but change the partition layout ...

This is what I have been able to put together so far. Does this make sense? Are there any mistakes in the reasoning? When should we reach for the "U-Boot mod" variants?
I would appreciate some feedback/input on this perhaps even a bit of additional documentation :wink:

The U-boot mod flavours - I'm going out on a hunch here - you'd only need if you would have replaced your u-boot (bootloader).

Values in /tmp/sysinfo/ are defined by OpenWrt, not Ubiquiti.

Well, the git log should have some pointers as to why they're added, but it seems they got added along with the v2 support commit (at least the u-boot mod flavour for the v2), and no further explanations. But my money is on 'use with a custom bootloader'. You guys sound like you have not replaced your bootloader.

The difference seems to be a LED bar (v1) vs a regular LED (v2) according to the OpenWrt wiki.

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Thanks @Borromini!
No, I did not experiment with the bootloader, at least not yet. :wink:
I have now conducted the experiment and flashed the v1 image. This resulted in the same function as with the initial snapshot. So including the failures regarding the LEDs. I then flashed a v2 image (this requires forcing, since v1 and v2). This resulted in the LED becoming active, so the device I have appears to be of the v2 kind.

In short I would recommend flashing the v2 image if dmesg shows errors with the RGB LEDs not working. Perhaps this is obvious, but I have not found it anywhere this directly, perhaps it is helpful to someone in the future.


Thanks for the reply Borromini. I ended up doing some research and guessed that u-boot mod was the same bootloader modifications page on the wiki. Also lucky guess on v1 because mine has a blue led? Flashed fine, but the wiki page definitely needs a quick blurb about the uboot mod versions to level set people, possible brick on an expensive ubiquiti piece of hardware is no fun.