Ubiquiti RouterStation Pro - redboot problems

I have one of these that has developed a boot up problem. It should go into tftp server mode when the reset button is pushed at power on. It used to, but now it has no effect. Redboot does load and exec the kernel. These are the first boot messages:

AR8316 PHY found on MAC0
AR8316 PHY found on MAC1
Ethernet eth0: MAC address 00:15:6d:c7:96:0d
IP:, Gateway:
Default server:

RedBoot(tm) bootstrap and debug environment [ROMRAM]
Ubiquiti Networks certified release, version 0.9.00318M.0905121200 - built 12:01:38, May 12 2009

Copyright (C) 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004 Red Hat, Inc.

Board: Ubiquiti RouterStation PRO
 Arch: ar7100pro
  RAM: 0x80000000-0x88000000, [0x8003bf00-0x87fe1000] available
Flash: 0xbf000000-0xc0000000, in 256 blocks of 0x00010000 bytes each
== Executing boot script in 1.000 seconds - enter ^C to abort

I assume that the boot script is supposed to pole the button to see if it should load the kernel or start a tftp server. I can't seem to send ctl-c at the right time to get to the redboot prompt. Does anyone have a suggestion how I might do that? or familiar with what might be wrong with redboot? or is the button bad? Unfortunately while the kernel loads it panics with: Unable to mount root fs on unknown-block(31,2)
This did not happen wit a failed firmware update, it was running a fresh checkout of 19.07.07. I decided to use the tftp update with a new build with extra software build in because it was an exact clone of my gateway router so it couldn't be plugged into my network. I never managed to get it into tftp mode.

Yahoo, I managed to interrupt the boot and get to the redboot prompt. It seems minicom is not the comm tool to use since sending control-c requires ctl-a C and is really slow. tio worked first time. So if there any redboot experts here any advise how to understand what is going on would be appreciated.

I seems Ubiquiti added a command to redboot called urecover.
That starts the tftpd server.
device fixed :slight_smile:

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