Ubiquiti NanoStation M2 is Supported?

Hi, I will buy a Ubiquiti NanoStation M2 device in a few days, but I have a question about the OpenWrt support on these devices. The use for this device will basically be as a wireless station.

Thanks, David.


Latest Stable:

Note: https://openwrt.org/supported_devices/432_warning

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The CPU and wifi system are very well supported. The problem is the small RAM will prevent any sophisticated applications from running, and may be a problem moving toward future versions with larger kernel code (the stock firmware is a 2.6 kernel). So the purchase of devices with only 32 MB RAM and / or 4 MB of flash is not recommended.

I don't know if there is anything similar on the market operating at 2 GHz with more RAM. The trend in WISP has been to 5 GHz.

Thanks for reply. So, something like Mikrotik SXT 2 would be better? And if so, is it supported by OpenWrt in its Trunk/Master branch?

For support status of any device see the ToH (Table of Hardware) in the OpenWrt wiki.

ToH filtered for sxt: https://openwrt.org/toh/start?dataflt[Model*~]=sxt

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Ok, Finally I buy a Mikrotik SXT Lite 5 AC (RBSXT5HacD2n), this is the product link: https://mikrotik.com/product/RBSXT5HacD2nr2.

I have seen that the Mikrotik SXT Lite 5 if it is supported, but in the Lite 5 AC does not appear, both are very similar in hardware. I have already tried to install OpenWrt by booting from a TFTP server, but I never get to ping the Mikrotik.

I need help, since the license of the Mikrotik SXT Lite 5 AC is only level 3, in addition, that I'm used to using OpenWrt.

Thank you.

Hi. There was a need to reflash RBSXT5HacD2n. How did you set up a TFTP server? I can not download OpenWrt in any way. Thank you.

I have not yet managed to install OpenWrt on my Mikrotik SXT Lite 5 AC, the type of memory it uses is SPI, unlike the SXT Lite 5 that uses NAND Flash memory. Apparently the SXT Lite 5 AC is not supported by OpenWrt, and I suppose it will be for a long time, at least until it is finished supporting all devices ar7xxx in ath79. Bad luck for us, for now it's time to settle for the erratic and restrictive RouterOS with a Level 3 License.

EDIT: I use dnsmasq such TFTP Server. Anyway, is in vanity.

Thank you were much for answer. How do you think it is possible to install an openwrite at rbsxtg-2hnd?

It does not appear in the hardware table, however you can try with the image for SXT Lite 2, they are very similar in hardware, they have the same CPU, the same wireless chipset, and the same type of Flash memory.


Remember that the SXT 2 memory type has NAND Flash memory. Good luck.


Thank you very much.