Ubiquiti NanoBridge M2 replacement

so after all these years one of my UBNT NanoBridge M2 antennas died and I need a replacement. Must be again 2.4GHz and OpenWRT compatible. As WiFi 6 PtP antennas are essentially non existent it boiled down to the Ubiquiti PowerBeam M2 400 or the Mikrotik LHG XL 2.
Any comments mainly on the build quality of these?

that is the best one. i have the two devices

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Bought 2 of those Mikrotiks in the end, flashing them was OK although I had to dig up an old Windows PC.

The NanoBridges did 3.5MB/s. I will report back what the throughput of these LHG XL 2 antennas is.

The Mikrotik LHG XL 2 do you run them with OpenWRT? What version? 21.02.3? Do you have any problems with WPA3? One of the LHG XL 2 keeps crashing every night and I can't figure out why.

sure, i don't buy device that cannot run openwrt. i do not use wpa3, but that should not be a problem related to a device.
i'm on an old selfcompiled firmware.
also i use the devices only as a station.

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