Ubiquiti nanobeam 5AC gen2 update firmware to V8.5.0 not possible

Er is een openwrt firmware voor de nanobeam 5AC gen2, mmar eerste moet de originele versie WA.v8.5.0 geinstallerd worden.
Deze oude versie 8.5.0 kan niet geinstalleerd worden.
Hoe oplossen ?

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There is an openwrt firmware for the nanobeam 5AC gen2, but first the original version WA.v8.5.0 must be installed.
This old version 8.5.0 cannot be installed.
How to solve?

One intense google search later...
best to downgrade one rev at a time resetting config before next, it prevents downgrades that destroy user settings

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In the list i can only find V8.5.0 for a XC-board

Yes, thats your 5AC gen2, click release notes.

The response when loqding V8.5.0 or any other version lower the V8.7.4
gives an error "incorrect firmware"

  • New: Downgrade below v8.2.0 is not allowed in a single step; to downgrade below v8.2.0, users must first load v8.2.0 and then can downgrade if needed.

8.7.0 should be installable and permit downgrades.
That is actually only prevented downgrade past 8.2.0 in whole release notes chain

V8.7.0 is not installable ?

Then you have to ask ubiquity support. They do not have any downgrade protection.

Thanks for your help