Ubiquiti M2 Bullet - cannot upgrade firmware

Hello everyone

I am trying to upgrade Openwrt from 18.07.6 to 19.07.1, using the firmware upgrade option in Luci, but it fails. I have previously successfully upgraded from version 15 to 18.07.6.

Anyone has an idea why? or any experience or solution?

My HW is Ubiquiti M2 Bullet

Thanks in advance for your kind help.


Using sysupgrade -v /tmp/openwrt*sysupgrade.bin over ssh (after copying the correct image to /tmp/ via scp) might provide further insight.

Thank you for the tip. It helped.
Using your method, I discovered that the router probably had not enough memory.
After deleting files and make space, I was able to upgrade.

Really appreciate your help


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