Ubiquiti GPL archive firmware, how to modify

Hi there, i have question about GPL File for model Airmax M series this a file is a firmware ? can i'm modife the file like logo tx power ....etc ? how i can compile this file after modify to get the firmware ?

Ask the people who provided you with the GPL file ..?


i am ask About a ubiquity GPL File

If it's Ubiquitys, why are you asking us?


because the GPL its builder on OpenWRT-r18801

Imagine you go a restaurant, and eat the best chicken dish you can imagine....

Who would you call to get the recipe, the chef, or the guy who raised the chickens?

In this analogy, openwrt are the people who owns the land the farmer uses for his chicken farm.

I'm sure you can figure out who Ubiquiti are...

And yes, it's perhaps builder on OpenWRT-r18801, but it's not stock openwrt. If it was, there'd be no GPL file, ubiquity would just have to point to the git pull they used for generating their image.


ubiquity has modified the OpenWrt source they use in their devices, you need to ask them how to use it

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we can add that this applies to pretty much all router HW vendors.


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