Ubiquiti ER-X-SFP: Status on SFP support?

I'm considering getting an ER-X-SFP solely for gateway purposes. Built-in SFP support is preferred since my ISP uses GPON SFP module. The hardware info page lists SFP as unsupported but it also lists hardware offloading as unsupported, which signals outdated information.

Is SFP still unsupported for ER-X-SFP? If unsupported, is anyone currently working on supporting it?

It's supported in snapshot version.

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Hi, as I get stuck on this device, I would love to get some more hints on what to do, to test the SFP export. Is there a special nightly snapshot recommend?
How is SFP connected internally and which chipset drives the connector?

I was surprised to read, that SFP interface of this router doesn't work, as we spread different information on various pages

But with 19.07.5 I don't see any notes on SFP on the kernel logging, nor a eth5 for my fiber module?

As I mentioned before, only snapshot version has sfp support.

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Ok i installed snapshot dated 22.12.2020 and SFP and it's modules get detected!
I tried to figure out, if the 5.4 kernel is a requirement, or if there are plans to backport this feature?

New features are not going to be backported to stable branches, only bug fixes are.

Ok but how do we know, if this feature is getting into an upcomming stable version?
Is it a the roadmap of planned features? (sorry but I didn't found any future infos at https://openwrt.org/about/history#bleeding_edgemaster)

If it's in Master, short of it breaking something, it will likely make it to the next release.