Ubiquiti Edgerouter 4 build

Hi all

Just joined open wrt and a fan of what this project has become from my teen days.

I tried searching the forums for Edgerouter 4 compatibility and build however can only find posts for the ERL and ERX.

Any pointers if I can do a build for ER4?
Cavium CN7130 @1GHz Octeon III (Quad Core MIPS64)

Thanks in advance!

Hi team, any advise here is much appreciated!

Moved to the For Developers section. Perhaps more will see there.

bumping up the list. Surprised no one has gotten openwrt on er4

Bumping this too.

Your best bet is to either contact the existing Ubiquiti developer to see if they'll add the device, or grab the source and compile it out on your own.

I've been building OpenWrt for the Itus Shield which uses the Cavium Octeon III 7020 1.2 chipset. You can use the existing EdgeRouter stuff to bring the new device variant up.

Any update on this? Having openwrt on ER-4 would be very nice.

Not much user support on this sadly. Need a good dev user who would have the skills to maybe compile a version for us.

Apparently someone is working on a snapshot version right now on the edgerouter 4..

Yes. It's been included into the build repo as a device. Next official release will scoop it up.