UART on Orange Pi R1

I have an Orange Pi R1 with 2 lan ports and I am trying to get to the console of OpenWRT after flashing it on an sd card. However, I am unable to get to it's console.

What is the right way to access it, are the pins 8,10 on GPIO (away from lan port) the default UART output pins?

Kindly help me get to it's console.

boot.scr of openwrt contains a line ttyS0,115200 by default. What the the name of GPIO 8,10 uart interface as assigned by OpenWRT at boot?

Can someone connect me to the dev who creates img of Orange Pi R1? I will discuss and resolve this issue. Since Orange Pi R1 has just 26 pin + 13 pin header with UART1 at pins 6,8,10, it is important that by default, the console has to be unabled on those pins.

According to the board photo it has a dedicated 3-pin UART connector behind the Ethernet socket.

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Yes. That is debug UART. It throws some garbage values. It is not something over which one can access console.

Do you know the dev who created img of OPI R1?

What are garbage values ?

Garbage values means something which cannot be understood. Please focus on the question "who created the img".

It could also be values not understood by you, hence interpreted as "garbage"...

You sure the garbage isn't just wrong speed set for the serial port ?

The image is created automatically, the person who added the device to Openwrt, can be found in the git commit.

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Please share the commit.

Please don't be lazy.

@hauke care to comment the serial issue ?

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Your macho posing of "This issue is so simple" didn't work right. So, next time, maybe you can cut some of that arrogance and in case you aren't able to solve it, keep quiet. That would be better.

My statement is you give me the commit, not hauke. According to YOU, it is trivial to find the commit.

@sagar; Me thinks you will definitely get some help now after you responded so well-founded and kindly...

A simple search here
would answer every question you have asked.