(U.S.) device choice - typical home wifi use + wish to have 1+ subnets

I run a stock Wrt32x, and am deliberating between adding a RaspberryPi (for blocking ads with piHole), or doing Adblock with a new OpenWRT wifi router.

I am limited in networking knowledge, and given the history of issues with wrt32x, I would prefer not to use it for a openwrt primary router. I would plan to repurpose the wrt32x as subnet for my work devices, and possibly a few personal devices (Roku, gaming, etc). All personal devices would need to go on a rock solid, primary openWRT router

I want to identify and buy The Best openWRT router for my requirements:

  • Budget is unrestricted.
  • 2 users,
  • no IoT, but many wifi devices: tablets, phones, laptops, roku, 2 game platforms.
  • Plan to run openwrt adBlock utility.
  • I seek the least buggy, most future-proof, lowest-maintenance, least-fiddly, off the shelf consumer router

Considering my constraints, I prefer reliable and boring. I don't wish to experiment, fiddle, or compile my own custom contributions.

The R7800 seems like the stock answer here. Is that accurate?

Having lurked for a while now, I'm interested in alternatives. Like the Turris Omnia, for example. (Automatic updates?)


If you already have the Raspberry Pi 4, and you don't really need 2 APs, you could use the Pi as a router (you will need to buy a USB to Ethernet adapter), and the Wrt32x as A switch/AP.

R7800 or Ea8500 are good devices, but that also depends on your speed.