U-boot source for WNR2000v1 (AR9130/AR9132)


After I managed to recover my router using the fuhry u-boot, I took the decision to compile my own u-boot for this router. But I did not find anywhere a version compatible with this hardware.

I'm asking your help for a reference, an idea, a suggestion where I could find the source of an u-boot compatible with AR9130/AR9132.

Thank you,

Hello again,

It took me about two weeks of day by day work to find the original U-Boot v1.1.4.15 for this router and a compatible toolchain, to make the required changes and adjustments in the source code, to compile and check it live on my router. Everything works fine with both the original Netgear firmware and OpenWRT.

My main goal was to learn a bit more about routers, and especially to test on this router the change of the flash memory with a bigger one of 8/16MB. I already prepared the U-Boot for these change, just still waiting the memories to arrive. I hope I can come back with the result in 1-2 weeks.

If someone already made something like this for this model of router I'm open to learn more. I can also give anyone who wants to test the archive with u-boot, toolchain and the steps I followed to succeed in compiling it successfully.

Thanks realmicu for your suggestions,