U-Boot for VoCore2

After building this https://github.com/u-boot/u-boot i have got 2 bin files mt7621_stage_L2.bin and mt7621_stage_sram.bin and i flashed these two bin files to my VoCore2 .But my VoCore2 not even bootingnow, probably the issue I'm not flashing right bin file.Can someone provide me the right source code to VoCore2 u-boot, and give some guide on what bin file do I need to flash?

ask vocore ?

openwrt doesn't provide/distribute uboot for most (any ?) platform(s).

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Why? it's binary blobs for mt7621 chipset. But if I understand correctly your device is mt7628 chipset based.
Try vendor u-boot source (e.g. from padavan project)