U-Boot for Realtek MIPS SoC (RTL819x)

Hello everybody,
as you may know Realtek has some MIPS chips, some of them a little strange (the Lexra series), but some are compatible with standard MIPS 24ks and in theory should be supported by modern versions of GCC.
My purpose is to replace the proprietary and anemic bootloader from the Realtek SDK with a reasonable modern version of U-Boot, as well as a modern version of the toolchain that is not chained :wink: to some long obsolete Ubuntu version that must run in a docker and such.
Because of the excellent work of other OpenWRT developers the user space packages and even the kernel can now be compiled with rather modern tools, but the bootloader is a sore thumb.

I was wondering if the developers here know about any Realtek MIPS SDK that is available and contains an U-Boot to try to streamline the process, any version, even older is welcome, because the mainline U-Boot unfortunately has an excellent MIPS emulator, but not many actual board to be used as a base for the project.

Many thanks,

There are a few U-Boot packages available in the main source tree: https://github.com/openwrt/openwrt/tree/master/package/boot
Check out for example uboot-lantiq, that's MIPS-based.

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Thanks Andy, I'll have a look.