TypeError When Trying to Access Certain Tabs (Firefox 69)


I've recently upgraded to the latest OpenWrt snapshot image, OpenWrt SNAPSHOT r10495-ba5878f056 / LuCI Master (git-19.193.26639-d01cdd9), as an attempt to remedy various TypeError problems I've experienced with the last few snapshot images I've installed, to no avail...

In Luci, if I attempt to go to Network \ Static Routes, the following TypeError occurs:


this.ifname.charAt is not a function

If I attempt to go to Network \ Firewall, this TypeError occurs:

this.ifname.charAt is not a function

I'm not sure if it is the image, or something I'm doing wrong. If it is the image, than I would just like to report the error.


a) did you [save settings]?

b) have you hand edited your config files [ network, firewall etc. ]

c) might also be worth mentioning any non-common services you run...

worth not saving settings.... then restore config/* one by one..... or try the uci-validate.sh script from the wiki.....

wonder if you can recall some more info re: dates and what you might have done prior to these issues arising........?

Okay, so the past week or two, I've updated the snapshot image a few times, and each time I get the same errors. The errors appear whether I do a sysupgrade or clean install, and show up before I edit any of the settings; thus, I was lead to think that it had something to do with the image itself. However, since I didn't see anything in the forums, I wanted to double check.

I never use the 'save settings' option, even if I'm doing a sysupgrade, and like I said, the problem appears before I edit any of the settings, (as in it is apparent right after the upgrade).

I have not hand edited any of my config files.

The only non-common service I run is SQM.

did you mention your device? might be relevant.

possibly caused by the recent efforts by @jow to transfer some of the LuCI code to be run on the browser instead of the router. But it might be triggered by something on your device's hardware definitions which has impacts on config.

Device is a Netgear R7800.


I got both static routes and the firewall page to pull up once I access my router via a different browser.

It works in Microsoft Edge, but not in Firefox Beta 69.0b3.

Make sure that you do not have some Firefox add-on that mangles/censors JavaScript.

Your LuCI snapshot is probably "too old" ... :wink:
A bunch of TypeErrors has been fixed with this commit https://github.com/openwrt/luci/commit/7c9d845d9b8009fd00a3b2bc628ac8978ab6a202, please re-test with that version at least.

Oddly enough, without making any changes, other than having used Edge to access my router, both the static routes and firewall page can now be accessed via Firefox.