Tx Power regulations

what a joke, now I get right to repair law being such an urgent need over there, any way, you managed to miss the point, again, and not be of help, but guess you got your chance to show off, it is not and never was my intention to break the law, just to make that clear, It is futile to continue discussing this here, and if this boggy man of an illegal router I cannot even open is true, then I guess installing openwrt could be considered illegal as well, such a shame this is what our society has come to, and in my eyes, the opposite of what opensource philosophy is all about, in any case, very sad this is what the community has to show me today.

for those that may read this latter, different from lleachii, that now has resorted to being ignorant, it is, as I stated, and he confirmed while activity ignoring it, illegal to operate outside the regulations, and this is simply a warning that states that fact, as you can get by the word could, not will, in any case, if this serves as an example to any, this is where I give up, because with some people clearly it is impossible to have a civilized discussion while trying to solve a problem, and instead turns into this shit show, for those that read this, i'm sorry you had to.




LOL...I didn't even read the rest, you obviously misunderstand radio law.

How do you know that when you edit such partition paramaters (i.e. power)...that your radio is not sending off spurious emissions???

You need proper testing equipment (e.g. in an Electrical Engineering School :wink:) to see. You also need the chip maker's calibration tool! :bulb:

These parameters are unique to each individual device, not make/models or chips. You don't have an authorized copy, I assure you.

You clearly don't understand radio theory and why the REGDB is maintained in one place only.

  • Poster states Tx power issue
  • Poster notes regdb
  • I ask for current regs from BR
  • Current regs not provided (understandable)
  • Provides info to notify REGDB maintainers when poster asked for this info
  • Ask poster about previous firmware to help track issue
  • Poster gets mad - notes editing WiFi partition
    • Editing this partition is illegal
  • Poster is mad

The conversation is otherwise civilized.

  • Poster also noted will make new thread about their own issue

Also, that Part 15 quote was not a recommendation or mere warning, it's required to be posted by the responsible party - who must calibrate the device for the person "licensed by regulation" to operate it (i.e. YOU). See Part 15 instead of calling someone ignorant because they understand.

  • Ignores every time he was ignorant
  • Ignores provided legislation
  • Ignores that, in fact, I'am not mad, but dissapointed to see this behavior here
  • Actively tries to scare people away from learning from their hardware stating basically that everything is illegal

It is for the people who read this to decide, I just know that nothing more will come of this.

And thank you anomeome, you helped solve the basis of my misunderstandings.

addendum to those that maybe think I modified my "wifi partition", I did not, and neither should you, it contains calibrations data specific to your device in most instances, something that once again lleachii forgot to say, it seems as if he is always right, but never wants to explain and help others learn.

I did not ignore, in fact, this will be the third time I quoted it. Again, please stop calling me ignorant - because you do not understand.

I think an apology is in order.

(BTW, one time, you called it an university.)

I did remember to say.

I await your apology.

Add- More showing I did note:

I just realized an apology is in order, because you are in fact, not ignorant, since it appears that the meaning of the word differs from the portugues one, ignorante, as you correctly pointed out.

what I meant to say is that you are not interested in helping or teaching, but only in stating what you now for a fact, disregarding all other information and voices on the problem.

as for this, yes, an addendum, instead of actively explaining it and making of your answer an educating one, in any case, I will stop losing my time with this futile discussion, since here is what you really wanted all along, for someone to say you are indeed correct, and yes you are, in the facts stated, unfortunately it does not change the toxic attitude towards other, toxic for this comunity, farewell.

I have respect for you and accept your apology.

I do not seek to be "correct" - I told you:

It helps if you don't make things up (e.g. current Brazilian radio law too).

Regarding your issue:

I think that if you make a new post, and we can look at the regdb version - we can get some understanding. Also need to know if your device has removable antennas.

And since if frustrates you, I will find the Brazilian regulations (I was only trying to solve my frustration of having to look for them in the first instance - but you didn't help - you took it as a complement on your English???).

Farewell if you choose not to. We cannot be expected to guess Brazilian radio law and then make sure your radio is right, when we have nothing to base that mathematics upon.

I think I proved your assertion on this incorrect too. I did state an Engineering University can edit the partition - they know what they have to calibrate.

(Out of ~5 people who asked about REGDB here you are #5 and 4/5 got "mad"...you say you did not.)

Well, lets make this than, I'm genuinely not mad at REGDB, what I didn`t like were your little comments

a critic, not helpful

acording to this website you replay

well, simply meant to insult me, as if I automatically were incorrect and "just another wrong guy discussing with regulations"

well, it is in fact a problem, and not a byproduct of regulations, i'am sure of it

once again, insulting as if I know nothing of it

I never said I did, I just want to be A. fix my problem, and B. fix REGDB if it's wrong, given the devices would still be operating within spec, I don't mind not doing this if I'm wrong, even if i disagree with the regulations, because, just as a bonus, I know people who worked in testing for anatel and inmetro, let me tell you, they are a joke, corruption runs the house there.

anyway, I think I deserve an apology as well, and if you really want to help, to try to understand and explain things, without mocking me every step of the way, I would really appreciate it, because I think this is what the community is about

and just to clarify

sarcastic comments help no one

they. did. not. edit. anything. they simply made a presentation about the regulation in brazil, to teach their students, this is why i cited them as a source.

as for guessing brazil's radio law, yeah, we cannot be guessing, but we managed to deviate from the real problem here, the router, and that's all I wanted to solve.

I would also like to ask you, please, stop insinuating all of "us" are idiots, and instead focus on working together, that way everyone wins, a little humility goes long ways

ok I'll give you the solution, but please stop fight with lleachii, this is nothing illegal, because the regdb is the same as Brazil. just set country code to Belize.
just to let you understand, even if the regdb let you set 30 dbm , that mean nothing, the most important thing is the capacity of your radio.

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I know bricco1981, and thank you for the participation, my intention is not to fight, you can see his behavior above, nor to go over regulations, to be honest at this point I have no idea how we got into that, but that my router has a problem, probably with openwrt misinterpreting the routers "wifi partition", if you follow some of my links above you will see why that was my conclusion, and I think that if you guys obsess so much over regulations, then help me get the partition correct, I say this because I know this is capable of 20dbm, I do not intend to modify the hardware, I know doing this can distort the signal, blow the amplifier circuit, etc etc, I just need help because at 8dbm this router is useless for my use-case.

Sorry for the rant and you having to read this, I will set belize and show you what happens, it changes nothing, the problem is with the hardware, and if you want me to run some command, or can help me with that, I would appreciate it very much

wlan0 is 2.4ghz, 5.8 works without problems

driver default and belize, respectively:

5.4...and that's a different band...need to see the law....smh


Would you be able to split this topic starting here Different TX Powers on same country?


and here you go again with sarcastic comments being disrespectful, I'm sorry lleachii, but I will ignore you from now on, it's impossible to maintain a conversations like this this.

and tell me, if I list all available frequencies on this band will you stop trying to correct me? because by god that's annoying, and I cannot get any more of this.

I'm not making a joke...I'm saying 2.4 and 5.4 have different bandwidth regulations. The LAW will show that - why are you being so dense?

An apology is in order.

Peço desculpas se houver algum mal-entendido de linguagem.

talk about dense with you, I give up, I was simply stating one works and the other does not, and once again you deviate from my problem.

mal entendido só se for a sua atitude infelizmente, isso sim, aprenda um pouco de humildade que vai ser melhor para todos a sua volta e para você mesmo, also please stop treating people as if they are idiots.

and sorry to everyone on this forum, if you want to erase all this, go ahead, I just know I will not be returning.

I'm not deviating! I'm saying we need to know...

Never mind...someone DM'ed me....

can you show the output of
iw reg get with different country code?


this is stock

this is brazil

I only changed the configuration of the 2.4ghz radio, since this is where I have a problem, if you need anything else, just ask. thank you for your help.


I NEVER CALLED YOU OR TREATED YOU (or "people") LIKE THAT. I wouldn't have tried to explain to an idiot - which I may note you said I tried to do. :thinking:

I used: