Tx Power Auto gives only MAX power

Hello all,
i have a R7800 on LEDE Reboot 17.01-SNAPSHOT r3877-23a638ebd1 / LuCI lede-17.01 branch (git-18.113.71669-09ae638) and i have a little question on wifi power.
i set all the power of my wifi network (2.4 and 5G, with a guest wifi) as "auto"
i have no specifically far devices in the network and something like 10 devices connected (some networks have no devices at all)
But in network > wireless i see all the network working at the maximum power: 20dBm for 5G and 30dBm for 2.4G
am i reading bad numbers? or is this in any way correct? well i don't like to have radiation if i don't need them :slight_smile:

From the perspective of effective transmission, 100% is the best setting, except in the cases where a different transmitter is on the same frequency and your transmit power causes interference.

Your router does not care that you have irrational fears regarding the microwave radiation of the wireless antenna.


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well this makes sense :slight_smile: but in this case what's the meaning of the "auto" option if it's always 100%?

Like I said, "in the cases where a different transmitter is on the same frequency and your transmit power causes interference". If set to Auto, it will lower the transmit power in case there is another transmitter on the same channel / frequency.

Although in reality, in my experience, in the cases where you have interference, this type of power correction is unlikely to actually be helpful.


They are not irrational, google it. Just as with any radiation, the effects are cumulative and compound over time. I am not saying the router is a killer, but it all adds up over time.

Actually no, it does not add up over time.

WiFi uses the same band of electromagnetic frequencies as a household microwave, only max power even if you are using some pirated overpowered device is around 1W maybe 2W. Nothing compared to whatever may be leaking out of a microwave oven which is 500W+.

And this radiation does exactly what the microwave radiation does -- it heats your water molecules. By 1W. The effect does not accumulate like ionizing radiation. And do not forget that intensity falls with distance squared.

Objectivelly a walk in a sunny day is far, far more dangerous than life around any router.


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Hmm, it was me who had to do more reading. Thx.

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Start reading about flying in airplanes too. At first you only had to worry about Cosmic rays now that they have WiFi in airplanes proves that Government is trying to kill rich people for their money.

Start read about breathing the air in your basement. Radon gas takes 20 to 30 years to kill you with cancer add WiFi to that just proves that the Government wants to kill you even faster and keep your house.

That is probably more a case of a confusingly labelled LuCI option. The ui calls it auto which in reality basically is "unspecified" (empty value) which causes the kernel mac80211 stack to assume whatever happens to be the system default value (so the setting is "automatic" from a ui pov).

It does not mean that there is any active, adaptive TX power control going on. Hope this clears things up :slight_smile:

yes, it does :slight_smile:
so probably also the "farest device" is something about ack time and not tx power..
i'm definitely not going to worry about this, i was trolled by "auto" :slight_smile: