Tx Linksys - I apologized to my wife for buying your WRT'a

(also posted in DDWRT forum - nic: lookingformymojo )

( I had to apologize for WASTING MONEY ON LINKSYS ROUTERS !!! )

I have purchased WRT1900ACv1, ACv2, & WRT3200ACM.
edit: I have tested LEDE and DDWRT extensively on all of them.

As I bought them I put them in service as the main router.
I used a Netgear R8000 as and access point, then a bridge.

Current setup- WRT3200ACM(main-LEDE) WRT1900ACv2(AP-LEDE), R8000(DDWRT) as Bridge.

For the life of me I couldn't get any decent speed or ping.

my ping wouldn't go below 43ms, max 5 up, 110 down.
I pay for 15/200

Just for sh!ts and giggles, I took my WRT3200ACM and replaced it with the Netgear R8000, cpu overclocked to 1200, running Tomato.

I still have the ACv2 as an ap. I dug up an old AC56U to get my media bridge. It is linked via 5ghz, to a 5ghz radio on the Tomato router.

With the R8000 as main router, my ping is 8ms. 17 up 221 down. That is through the 5ghz on the ACv2 router as access point.

My PS4 THROUGH THE MEDIA BRIDGE --> measures itself at 12 up and 166 down, which was always 3 up, 65(or so) down.


Hey Linksys --> I have 3 routers you can buy back.

edit : btw --> there is talk on the ddwrt forum about a class action, just an fyi.

What does this have to do with installing and using LEDE?

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Or give your :kiss: a :hammer: and she can decide what to do with them?

take a shotgun and 4 bullets...

what chip is inside these?

haven't anyone told you or you didn't figured yet to get atheros devices only?